Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm totally letting myself off the hook. I'm doing a ton of writing right now, I'm getting insanely busy. I'm really happy with everything that's going on and thrilled that I'm blogging as much as I get off my back already! Stop trying to make me feel like an asshole!

Right, then. I was at a book release party last night for kissing snowflakes. Have you read it yet? Hello?! Your tween is not getting any younger. Git on it. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such talented writers. I am part of this great writing group with these fabulous woman and they are kicking my ass.

I picked up a shift Saturday night and will be at the spa 3 nights in a row tomorrow night. It's amazing how fast my zen approach to work changes when I start to feel like it's a full time job. I start to dread my next shift, worried that my priorities aren't in line, that I shouldn't be spending so much time away from acting or singing. Breathe. When I'm in the room with a client, I'm in healer mode, present and available. It's the getting there.

I'm performing in a holiday concert with 100 other singers. It's an oratorio with all kinds of styles and stories. It should be an absolute gas, I'll report back when I see the music!


  1. You have no idea how much I wish you were in MY holiday music concert, with hundreds or choruses and oratorios, or at least some recits, arias, and screeches that are disguising themselves as choruses! You are SO missed! Not just your voice, but having you next to me to share that special look when an undefinable sound comes out of the soprano next to me!

  2. Are you sure you don't mean the sound out of the undefinable soprano?! Look, you know if it's not named after a season, I normally don't sing it. If my vocal line isn't labeled 'Snowflake'...I'm out.

    I'm sure I'll be missing your soprano wrangling, sweets. Tick. Tock.