Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Salvation Army Donation

Right. So, full disclosure: I am a Christian. More accurately, I am a follower of Christ's teachings and believe that Jesus was, as John Fugelsang puts it here, was arguably the most liberal guy ever, who, if he came back today, "wouldn't be heard over the sound of Christians calling him a socialist."

I was struck by a post by my friend, Michael, expressing his frustration in seeing the Salvation Army, an evangelical organization, on every corner around the holidays as a constant reminder of the organization's actions to limit the rights of the LGBTQ community.  If this is news to you, John Aravosis wrote a comprehensive post in 2012 about it here.

As with any discriminatory action, my heart breaks not only to see this agenda but also to hear the effects of the regular reminder of it to a direct recipient of that bigotry. It occurs to me that this must be like having to regularly interact with an abuser or someone who has assaulted you that hasn't been convicted of their crime because someone deemed it wasn't violent enough to warrant action.

Another friend of mine came up with the brilliant idea of putting these in the Salvation Army donation buckets instead of cash, and I'm shoplifting it. Thank you, Carla!

Here you go, a link to a pdf of the below. Print, cut, hand out. And happy holidays.